Medexpo S.A., a renowned operator in the field of organizing exhibitions and conferences and publishing a professional magazine for the wood industry, furniture and materials, announces a call for potential exhibitors for the 6th International Medwood Exhibition scheduled to be held between 07-10/04/2016 in Athens, Greece.

Medwood exhibition is considered to be one of the most important trade exhibitions for the industry of woodwork and furniture and for the sector of architecture, internal design and general design. Furthermore, the exhibition is supported by a wide and affective communication programme that includes mass media and trade magazines around the world.

Ever since it began in 2009 the number of participants has increased impressively with Medwood improving its organizational infrastructure, upgrading its special events and attracting more targeted visitors. The exhibition is attracting the interest of great foreign construction firms, as well as the most dynamic companies in Greece as it is a trade exhibition covering the needs of Greece, Cyprus and the Balkan countries.

Medexpo is launching new initiatives and organizing special events during the exhibition with exquisite guest speakers whose expertise and experience add value.

In order to learn more about potential collaborations and the Medwood International Exhibition, feel free to contact us or visit our website